Work Packages

WP1: mm-Wave, Licenced Shared Access (LSA) and Business Models (BMs)

WP1 (ESRs 3, 4, 10) will develop new LSA algorithms using network slicing. Two different approaches using deep learning and blockchain licensing will be developed for LSA. These algorithms will then contribute to the construction of novel Business Models. This WP is led by University of Huddersfield, which has a record of accomplishment in research and publications in this domain. 

WP2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Network Prediction, QoE & MANO

WP2 (ESRs 7, 9, 15) will develop new AI algorithms for network prediction and enhanced QoE. AI will be incorporated into MANO for autonomous closed-loop optimisation of services. This WP is led by Technical University of Sofia, which has extensive experience in the development of AI algorithms and architectures.

WP3: Antenna Design, Channel Propagation and Modelling

WP3 (ESRs 1, 5, 6, 12, 14) will develop green antenna and antenna array designs using BF and metamaterials. AI will be applied within the BF algorithms. The main aim is to enhance communications between antennas without unnecessary spreading of radiated power into space. It will also develop accurate path loss and 3D channel models for wireless communication between UAVs and ground stations. This WP is led by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which will contribute its deep expertise on smart antennas and antenna arrays.

WP4: Prototypes, Implementation, and Proof of Concept (PoC) 

WP4 (ESRs 2, 8, 11, 13) will develop four different implementations of PoC to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed techniques. These implementations refer to respective applications such as localisation, video transmission and distribution, UAVs, and IoTs. This WP will be led by Politehnica University of Bucharest, based on its extensive experience in system integration as well as in implementation and prototyping.

WP5: Reference scenarios and System Requirements

WP5 (All ESRs) will define the most relevant scenarios that will be used as test cases in the evaluation and PoC. This WP is conceived as a cohesive package between all the research activities to be carried out in MOTOR5G. WP5 will be led by Maggioli, which will contribute its knowledge of the market evolution for new 5G applications.